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After many years of experience in the areas of customs, import/export and logistics at home and abroad, the entrepreneur Julia Stabel Charris has decided to start Consteca e.U.

As a European company with Latin American origins, it is the task of Consteca e.U. to establish trade relations between Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Headquarter: the heart of Europe, Austria, immediately adjacent to eight countries: Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary. Many other countries are quickly reachable: France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Great Britain, Russia. In order to negotiate around the world, three languages ​​are spoken: English, Spanish and German.

Activity: as a trading agency Consteca e.U. is an important part of your business in order to promote the sale of your goods and services around the world.

Originally specialized in teak of Central America, with the help of Consteca e.U many other woods (e.g. Cocobolo, Corazon Azul ) are exported and imported now.
For the company Consteca e.U. it is important that only legal timber that holds all permits (CITES), is traded, so that our tropical rainforest remains.

Meanwhile Consteca e.U. mediates also real estates in Central America: farms, teak plantations, luxury estates.